The Giant Tree Experience

Create an immersive experience for a gigantic walk-in tree

Design Briefing

The Context
Christmas is the most important time of the year for shopping malls and retailers. However, in order to attract many customers, those companies have to differentiate themselves from the competition. For this reason, festive Christmas illumination is becoming increasingly popular. The reason is that festive illumination serves as an attractive highlight, attracts further customers and raises media attention. In addition to a better experience for visitors, these lighting installations also create monetary added value due to stimulated buying behaviors.

Your Task
There are a variety of festive decorations and light installations during Christmas time. However in the course of this competition, we want to specialize on large Christmas tree concepts.
Our strong manufacturing partner is in need for fresh concepts that he can later on build and sell to above mentioned customers. Your task is to design a concept for a decorative light installation representing a Christmas tree. Beyond that, however, we want to focus not only on the exterior appearance of the tree, but above all on the interior of it. The focus of your task is to create an immersive experience inside the tree. Since the construction is based on a pyramid-shaped skeleton, the hollow interior can be used for further decoration. Through an entrance area, visitors can marvel at the inside of the tree.
So let’s get going: tell us your design story, create attractive visuals, and demonstrate how visitors can interact with the design as well as why they would love it.
In order to generate a suitable solution for our manufacturing partner, please stick to the restrictions and parameters that have been included in the background information pdf.
Also, if you want to learn more about the contest, please read through the other tabs. There, you will find information about prizes and jury members.

We created an example for you as inspiration: The Magic Space Tree. The snow covered tree sits on a magical mountain. Inside the tree, visitors learn about the night sky, astrology and their own zodiac star sign. The ceiling replicates a starry night made with countless LED lights. The stars form the 12 different zodiac signs.

  • Start of the Contest: 06. July 2018
  • Submission Deadline: 29. August 2018
  • Design Evalution: 11. September 2018
  • Winner Announcement: 10. October 2018

Design Assessment Criteria
While you can get valuable impulses and suggestions from the community through the comment function, the evaluation function offers a further indication of the quality or innovation potential of your idea:
  • Relation to the theme / Topic fit / Theme relevance
  • The Wow
  • Openness to Culture
  • Genuity
  • Storytelling
  • Fantasy and Creativity

In addition, Experts evaluate the ideas on the basis of the following criteria:
  • Feasibility (Cost Effectiveness)
  • Ease of Assembly and Logistics
  • Quality of Presentation

These criteria will play an important role in the pre-selection of ideas and ultimately in the selection of winning ideas. So make sure that you meet as many of the criteria as possible.

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